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Liberate Your Mind

I used to think, mind is something that you have to control, got to nurture, got to take care of.

The funny thing is, the only way to do so effectively, is to liberate your mind.

If you're tired of trying to control your mind, just like I was, then this is it.

Moment of truth: You are NOT your mind.

Your mind is merely an instrument, that you use for yourself, and when you don't need it you keep it aside.

The problem begins when you're unable to switch on and switch off the instrument, on command.

Imagine how you feel when you want to switch off your phone, and it just won't!

Trying to control the mind, and trying to filter the contents of it consciously, is what is keeping it stuck, and even causing it to malfunction.

So what is the solution? What is the antidote?

The solution is to recognize that your thoughts and emotions are just that -- thoughts and emotions, nothing more.

And that they are not more valuable than your life in the PRESENT moment.

So start practicing by bringing your attention in the moment.

I highly recommend you begin meditating, as this will allow you to "experience" what you just read.

Once you experience it, you will be able to Liberate Your Mind!



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